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About Selected Owner Status

To qualify for Selected Owner Status, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Dog registration fees must be paid in full prior to 1 August each year.
  2. Any dog(s) owned or kept are registered in accordance with the Dog Control Act 1996.
  3. The Selected Owner’s test has been sat and passed and the property inspected by an Animal Control Officer of the South Waikato District Council.
  4. There are no validated complaints against the applicant regarding their dog(s).
  5. The dog(s) need to be kept under proper control at all times.
  6. The applicant or a nominated person will always be in attendance for the inspection of the property and will need to render every possible assistance as requested by an Animal Control Officer.
  7. Any deaths, sales or transfers of dogs to or from ownership will be notified in writing to the Animal Control Officer of the South Waikato District Council.
  8. Selected Owner Status does not relieve a dog owner from payment of the appropriate registration fee(s).

Any failure to comply with the criteria to achieve and maintain Selected Owner Status will lead to immediate cancellation of privileges under this policy and loss of the Selected Owner Status will require a minimum of one full registration year at the standard rate.

Please note that if you are applying for Selected Owner Status during the month of June, your new status will not come into force until 1 July the following year.

Owner Information

About Property Inspections

A Council Compliance Officer will need to visit your property to ensure that your place is suitable for classification as a Selected Owner and by completing this form, you are authorising the Officer to make this inspection.
Inspection visits could be conducted at any time during the week (including weekends) when Compliance Officers are able to schedule this between jobs. Generally these inspections are always completed during business hours (8:00am to 5:00pm).
You do not need to be on the property when the inspection is made but please leave any instructions for the Compliance Officer for when he/she is able to make the visit (For example: gate to the rear of the property is located on the path at the left side of the house and both dogs are running free in the back yard).


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