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Community Development Grant 2019

Round 1 Applications: Closes on Friday 26 Apr 2019 (Allocation meeting Wednesday 29 May 2019).
Round 2 Applications: Closes on Friday 25 Oct 2019 (Allocation meeting Wednesday 27 Nov 2019)​​.

About Creating and Online Services Account

Signing up for an online services account will allow you to save the details of a draft application and come back to it later to complete it in full (particularly useful if you need to gather additional information in order to submit your application).

Once you have registered and your account is approved, you will be able to come back to the Online Services portal where you can start a Community Development Grant application.

To register for an account, click here.

About completing this form

Please note: Your organisation must be not for profit and your project must be focused within the South Waikato District.

These funds are to assist your project or service not to fund it completely.

If your organisation has received previous funding from Council and has not completed an accountability form regarding those funds this application will not be considered.

If you have any queries regarding this application, call us on 07 885 0340 or e-mail

What you will need to know to complete this application online

ALL following information needs to accompany your application at the time of submission.

  • ALL questions will need to be answered in full
  • Budget figures have been checked and add up correctly

The following attachments will need to accompany your application

  • A minimum of 2 letters of support are needed from people outside of your organisation supporting your project, activity or service
  • A copy of financial accounts
  • Two current prices/quotes

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